Workday is Coming Soon: What You Need to Know  

Workday is Coming Soon: What You Need to Know  

Santa Fe College's Clock Tower on the Northwest Campus.

February 28, 2024 – Workday is coming to Santa Fe College. What is it? Wondering when we’ll begin using it? Interested in its benefits?

Here’s what you need to know:

What is Workday?  

Workday is a scalable Human Resources and financial software that will enable SF to implement centralized HR and finance practices to support future growth. Workday has automated and transparent processes, an intuitive and user-friendly system, and will provide enhanced reporting capabilities. 

When will we start to use Workday?  

Members of our HR and Finance teams have been supporting the Workday implementation since last Fall by carefully analyzing our business processes and determining the best configuration of Workday to support our current and future business needs. We anticipate that Workday will go live in July 2024. Leading up to our go-live date, you will receive additional communications and training opportunities.

What are some benefits of Workday?  

Workday combines manual and paper process and those currently handled by multiple systems into a single platform, allowing users to streamline routine tasks or interactions. 

That makes Workday:

  • A single location to manage your HR / Finance Information: With Workday you no longer need to remember multiple passwords for different sites or go through time-consuming paper approval processes.  
  • An enhanced employee and manager experience: Manage your personal information, request time off, select your benefits and review organizational information in one place. 
  • Available on any device: Workday is available on your desktop and mobile devices (both iOS and Android) so you can access it when it’s convenient for you. 

Users also will appreciate Workday’s intuitive user interface. 

Workday People Experience uses machine learning to curate a unique experience for every user. From more reliable and relevant search capabilities, to suggested tasks, and featured applications, announcements and personalized recommendations – you will have a Workday experience that is uniquely you. 

How do I learn more? 

Your first opportunity to see Workday in action is at Professional Development Day on March 29. It will be followed by additional demonstrations and training.