How to Be Successful in Online Classes

How to Be Successful in Online Classes

Santa Fe College mascot Caesar Saint sits on a couch waving while having a laptop on his lap.

March 5, 2024 – Some students think that taking online courses means mostly reading and responding to discussions, but you may also interact with your fellow peers, search for information, and create presentations to show what you have learned. You can make your learning easier, faster and better. Read this article to learn how to be successful in online classes.

Know What to Expect

Online courses typically have the same outcomes as face-to-face courses, and they are equally rigorous. Most courses have multiple deadlines within them that must be met by students. Students may need to learn technologies on their own or review tutorials to get prepared.

Understanding what to expect in online classes can help you engage effectively, reduce stress, manage resources efficiently, and ultimately succeed academically.

Read your course syllabus to know what your instructor expects and complete any tutorials needed to work with technologies. You can review materials multiple times if needed. You can also ask your instructor questions.

Be Familiar with the Technology

All students must have some basic computing skills. It’s recommended to know about word processing, using Santa Fe College systems, saving your documents, and using your Santa Fe College email.

Make sure to regularly check your student email for important updates from your instructors and college representatives. They will inform you about any necessary technologies for your courses, such as webcams and audio capabilities.

You should also be prepared for tests in online courses by having a computer, webcam and a quiet testing environment with internet access. Some tests may involve using a remote proctoring system, so it’s best to clarify any specific testing requirements with your instructor. Understanding what you require and how to utilize it effectively can lead you to success.

Learn to Manage Your Time

Learning online means being more self-directed because you won’t be attending classes in person with your instructor. The best online learners create a schedule and use it every day to keep themselves on track. They also follow these tricks:

  • Don’t wait to start homework just before it’s due. As soon as you turn in one assignment, get started on the next.
  • Work a little each day on each assignment and study for quizzes and exams.
  • Treat your study sessions like appointments. Put them on your calendar and don’t let other requests interfere.

Visit the Learning Commons

What resources can you use to be successful online?

“We find that students who want to do their very best,” Lee Delaino, Santa Fe College’s Learning Commons Director, said, “are using all the resources available to them to get ahead and stay ahead.”

The Learning Commons provides multiple services aimed to enhance the quality of student learning experiences. According to Delaino, students who visit the Learning Commons “are encouraged to learn strategies for studying that they may not have been taught before. We expect that everyone can add new study skills to their toolbox for academic success.”