SF to UF: Joseph Washington’s Prescription for Success

SF to UF: Joseph Washington’s Prescription for Success

March 11, 2024 – Joseph Washington, from the tight-knit community of Putnam Hall, had choices for high schools in nearby towns. However, in the tenth grade, he and his family decided to explore the dual enrollment program at Santa Fe College’s (SF) Watson Center in Keystone Heights. The decision changed Washington’s life.

After finishing high school, Joseph continued his education on SF’s Northwest Campus, where his passion for science grew. His success in academics and friendly personality led him to become a college ambassador, guiding tours and representing the student body at important events.

“My greatest moment at SF”, Washington said, “had to be leading my very first tour as a student ambassador – essentially potential students who had scheduled tours as a mechanism to introduce themselves to the college. I took this as a mandate to produce an experience that brought the college to life with fun theatrics, statistical evidence of our academic excellence, and pearls of wisdom on assimilating into student life.”

Washington knew he wanted to apply to the University of Florida’s pharmacy program, which required good grades, experience and letters of recommendation. With his academic success and his new-found job at a Publix pharmacy, Washington had all the pieces of the puzzle. He got into the highly competitive pharmacy program at UF and became the president of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association.

According to Washington, SF “does an exceptional job of tying together personal and professional development with extracurricular engagement. SF taught me to communicate directly with professors on complex issues and to promote the needs of the community.”

In addition to effective communication, SF students succeed at UF because they learn in smaller classes. Students get the attention they deserve, boosting their academic achievements, which enriches their lives.

“No matter where you come from,” Washington said, “you can reach success through Santa Fe [College], not only as a stepping stool but as an opportunity to grow professionally and personally.”

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