SF to UF: Joyce Siu’s Academic Transition

SF to UF: Joyce Siu’s Academic Transition

An individual dressed in black leans against a directional post on Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus.

March 18, 2024 – Growing up in Hong Kong, Joyce Siu dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. After researching the best universities around the world, she chose the University of Florida (UF).

How would she get from Hong Kong to Gainesville, Florida?

Siu learned about Santa Fe College (SF) from a friend who had attended both SF and UF.

“He emphasized the advantages of Santa Fe [College],” Siu remembered, “such as lower tuition and smaller class sizes. Considering these benefits, especially as an international student, I chose to attend Santa Fe [College] first based on his recommendation.”

Aspiring to become a vet, Siu quickly found herself at home at the SF Teaching Zoo, the only zoo on a college campus accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). She found it reassuring that whenever she had questions, she could approach professors immediately for clarification.

In addition to personal attention from faculty, other SF perks include free tutoring, free parking, and active student organizations – all at a lower price tag than other higher education alternatives. The benefits could make the transition into the workforce or into another academic institution like UF smoother.

Siu earned an A.A. degree from Santa Fe College with a major in animal science before transferring to UF. She didn’t regret her choice.

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