CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Mario Mutis – Practicing Open Pedagogy

CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Mario Mutis – Practicing Open Pedagogy

Santa Fe College Professor Mario Mutis sits at a workbench working on a project.

March 19, 2024 – Professor Mario Mutis has taught sculpture and ceramics at Santa Fe College since 2015 and was named AFC’s 2022 Professor of the Year. Since 2012, Mario has been returning to Colombia every summer to lead teaching lectures and art demonstrations. He works with various communities, elementary schools, and middle schools in Bogotá and Cundinamarca. 

Mario involves his students in the creation of an ancient metal casting technique. The students create art and learn about culture and history of indigenous Muysca metal casting techniques of Colombia. Through his experiential and culturally relevant teaching methods, Mario uses the practice of open pedagogy in the class. Open pedagogy aims to:

  • Encourage participatory learning and provide an opportunity for the course content to evolve in response to learners’ identities and lived experiences.  
  • Move beyond a content-centered approach and engage students in the creation and sharing of learning content.  
  • Engage students in authentic, collaborative assessments with their peers.  
  • Foster more meaningful and relevant experiences and equitable outcomes for students. 

Learn more about Mario’s work on the CTLE Canvas Page

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