Part-Time Faculty Excellence Award Winners: Herman Ramos and Lee Starling

Part-Time Faculty Excellence Award Winners: Herman Ramos and Lee Starling

Santa Fe College's Clock Tower on the Northwest Campus.

April 8, 2024 – The Part-Time Faculty Excellence Award recognizes part-time faculty who demonstrate excellence at Santa Fe College, in their profession, and in the community. College Senate is pleased to announce two recipients of this year’s award.

Herman Ramos doing a handstand.

The first recipient is Herman Ramos, Professor of Dance in the Fine Arts and Entertainment Technology department, nominated by Claire Orenduff. Professor Ramos exemplifies versatility and student empowerment in his classes and makes new and intriguing connections within his curriculum. He is passionate about dance and fosters that passion in his students. He has been active in many college activities and cross-departmental collaborations and is also active in the local dance community.

Lee Starling poses for a photo.

The second recipient this year is Lee Starling, Professor of Health Information Technology in the Business Programs department, nominated by Marie Young-Trabbic and Julie Shay. Professor Starling has a passion for mentoring and fostering lifelong learning, both of which are reflected in her courses. She continually revises the curriculum to meet the latest accreditation standards and embrace new technologies. She is also active in and has held leadership positions in the regional and state associations for health information management.

Thank you to all those who nominated colleagues for this year’s nomination process. Please look for the next nomination cycle to open in the fall. We look forward to receiving more excellent applicants!