Santa Fe College’s HSDE Graduates Ready for Diverse Futures

Santa Fe College’s HSDE Graduates Ready for Diverse Futures

Santa Fe College graduates and their friends celebrating their accomplishments.

May 10, 2024 – Congratulations to Santa Fe College’s High School Dual Enrollment graduates!

This year, 477 seniors took a giant step into their futures. Dual Enrollment graduates are headed to over 100 different colleges and universities, the United States Military, and into the local workforce.

71 Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degrees and certificates were earned along with 16,403 college credits. Additionally, students and their families saved more than $2 million on tuition, textbooks and materials.

What is High School Dual Enrollment?

Santa Fe College’s High School Dual Enrollment encourages students to experience small classes in a college environment while participating in extracurricular activities at their high schools. Each year, more than 1,000 high school students participate in the program.

One person works on a laptop while two people on both sides of them look at the laptop while sitting outside on Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus.

Students who want a hands-on, high wage career can track toward a certificate, an Associate in Science or bachelor’s degree in Career and Technical Education programs. Students seeking academic careers can earn an Associate in Arts degree and transfer to a university.

Plus, some graduates can save up to $7,000 in tuition and fees. These time and financial savings can propel students into their chosen fields faster than traditional methods. A high school student could wait until they graduate high school and then enroll in college, or they could dual-enroll and be on the fast track toward their chosen career.

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