The CTLE Welcomes Andy Sheppard to the Team

The CTLE Welcomes Andy Sheppard to the Team

Andy Sheppard smiling and standing with their arms folded

May 15, 2024 – The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) recently announced that Andy Sheppard has joined the team as an Instructional Designer as of May 1. Andy brings over 10 years of instructional design experience, a passion for student success and a creative mindset to the role. Some of the first projects Andy will lead for CTLE include an AI toolkit for faculty and an adjunct excellence course which will roll out in fall.

Andy is exploring a myriad of ways that ChatGPT and AI can be used in the classroom to enhance critical thinking and the student experience. One example involves students comparing their work to AI-generated work and analyzing them both. Andy also uses AI-generated imagery in the classroom and encourages students to explore biases they see and consider how different prompts may be used to increase diversity in the imagery.

Learn more about Andy’s work here.