Do You Know About the Career Exploration Center?

Do You Know About the Career Exploration Center?

A student dressed in a white lab coat and blue gloves places a liquid into a test tube via a dropper.

May 16, 2024 – With thousands of career options, choosing one could feel overwhelming. Santa Fe College’s Career Exploration Center can help you select your path, ensuring you earn a degree or certificate before running out of money or motivation.

Jimmy Yawn, Career Exploration Center Coordinator, and their team use computer guidance programs to fine-tune students’ paths. These assessments gauge a person’s values, personality and other relevant factors to point them to careers worth exploring. Students can use the programs to discover lists of:

  • Majors/programs of study available at SF and any other college or university in the United States.
  • Occupations leading to descriptions of the jobs, job market forecasts, the salaries, the training requirements, which schools offer the training, etc.
  • Colleges and universities in the location where the student lives or wants to be.

“You can get jobs with any major,” Yawn said. “But the choice of a major is important, it will push the student in a career direction so let’s make sure it’s a good direction.”

The Career Exploration Center won’t make your choices for you. Staff will help you find resources and develop strategies that you can use to make decisions about your goals. Then, they can work with you to create the academic plan to achieve them.

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