Summer 2024 Parking Reminder From SFPD

Summer 2024 Parking Reminder From SFPD

Santa Fe College's Clock Tower on the Northwest Campus.

May 17, 2024 – As we gear up for summer at Santa Fe College, it’s important to be familiar with our parking regulations. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Employee Parking: If you have an employee parking decal, park in any designated area except for police, fire or disabled parking.

  • Student Parking: Students can park in lots with white-lined spaces. Blue-lined spaces are reserved for employees. Special permits are required for Lots 1 and 1A.

  • Speed Limit: Remember that the campus speed limit is 20 mph.

  • Loading or Unloading: If you need to park in a service drive for loading or unloading, obtain a permit from the SFPD.

  • Bicycle Rules: Bicycle traffic is limited to roadways open to motor vehicles. Please use the provided bicycle racks, and avoid bringing bicycles into buildings or chaining them elsewhere.

  • Non-Vehicular Transportation: Skateboards, roller skates, Segways and other non-vehicular personal transportation are not allowed.

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