Achieving Dreams with Less Debt: Santa Fe College’s Financial Resources for Students

Achieving Dreams with Less Debt: Santa Fe College’s Financial Resources for Students

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May 23, 2024 – Students often face significant financial challenges, with living costs and educational expenses adding to the strain. Fortunately, Santa Fe College provides various opportunities to help reduce these expenses, making it easier for students to pursue their degrees or certificates.


Scholarships offer a fantastic opportunity to achieve a valuable education without accumulating debt. They are awarded to students based on criteria like financial need and personal achievements. Best of all, scholarships don’t have to be repaid.

Scholarships like those the Santa Fe College Foundation offer can help students pursue their academic dreams. This summer, complete a SF Foundation Scholarship application by June 15 for Fall 2024. Applicants who apply for any SF Foundation scholarship will automatically be connected to any other SF Foundation scholarship for which they qualify.

Santa Fe College encourages current and prospective students to complete the General Scholarship Application. This application opens the door to numerous opportunities, including the CTE Scholarship and the Bachelor’s Degree (Baccalaureate) Scholarship. Students can also access third-party and state scholarships such as the Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

Financial Wellness Center

Santa Fe College collaborates with CAMPUS USA Credit Union to offer students a Financial Wellness Center dedicated to promoting financial literacy.

The center’s primary goal is to provide guidance on budgeting, understanding credit (what builds it and what doesn’t), making student loans and grants last until the next disbursement, and overall financial well-being.

Emergency Aid Grant

Emergencies can strike anyone at any time. The Santa Fe College Life Happens Emergency Aid Grant provides financial assistance to help students overcome temporary crises, allowing them to continue their education.

Students shouldn’t have to abandon their dreams due to unexpected challenges. Santa Fe College is committed to supporting students when their education is at risk.

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We’re Here to Help

These are only a few services we offer students to help them during their academic journeys. From career exploration to fitness, we have the services students need to succeed. Learn more at