We’re Here to Help: Santa Fe College

We’re Here to Help: Santa Fe College

A person walking on Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus.

April 12, 2024 – Santa Fe College’s “We’re Here to Help” campaign is more than a continuous series of student services. It’s a collaborative effort to add value to the lives of our students and enrich our community.

Here’s a list of helpful articles for students who need guidance:

  • Career Exploration Center: The center helps students pick their destinations so they can obtain a degree or certificate before money and motivation run out.

  • Career Placement Center: This resource supports student success by providing students and alumni with the tools necessary to bridge education with employment.

  • Disabilities Resource Center: The DRC ensures that students with disabilities have an equal chance to take part in all aspects of college life.

  • Emergency Aid Grant: The financial assistance program helps students overcome temporary financial crises so that they can continue their education.

  • Financial Wellness Center: Santa Fe College partners with CAMPUS USA Credit Union to bring its students a Financial Wellness Center that promotes financial literacy.

  • Fitness Center: The Fitness Center is accessible at no cost to all current SF students, as well as currently employed faculty and staff.

  • MBK: My Brother’s Keeper aims to enhance personal growth and academic success among participants.

  • Ombudsperson: The Ombudsperson is an advocate for fairness and serves as an independent and unbiased mediator to help students resolve academic challenges.

  • Safe Santa Fe App: The app is available to everyone who wants to improve their personal security.

  • Saints Food Share: The program strives to reduce food insecurities and connect students to resources that could transform their lives.

  • Saints Share Wear: The service’s goal is to make affordable clothing accessible for SF students and staff.

  • SF Bookstore: Located on the Northwest Campus, the bookstore is committed to making sure students get the right course materials.

  • SFID: The Santa Fe College ID card provides proof of a person’s status as a member of the SF community.

  • Student Life: This collection of services and resources help students find their community during their time at SF.

  • Student Resource Center: The center provides an affirming and welcoming space for all our students, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, age, disability, class, faith, and other social characteristics.

  • TimelyCare: In addition to on-demand support for common health issues, TimelyCare offers 24/7 mental and emotional support.

  • Tutoring: Students who attend tutoring can achieve greater success in their courses.

  • UF@SF Center: The center supports student access and admission to all bachelor’s degree programs at the University of Florida and SF.

Santa Fe College has the services students need to succeed. We’re here to help!