We’re Here to Help: Ombudsperson

We’re Here to Help: Ombudsperson

Two Santa Fe College students sit at a bench on the Oak Grove surrounded by blooming azaleas.

November 29, 2023 – Caesar Saint is a new student at Santa Fe College. He’s excited to be part of a nurturing community, but he soon realizes that college life is more challenging than he thought.

Caesar has a test in one of his classes. He studies hard and is confident that he will do well. However, when he receives his grade, he’s shocked to see that he failed. He feels that he answered the questions correctly and decides to talk to his professor about it.

He discovers that the professor used a different grading system than what was outlined in the syllabus. Caesar feels that he and his peers have been misled. He tries to explain his concerns to the professor, but the professor is dismissive.

Caesar hears about the Ombudsperson from one of his classmates. He learns that the Ombudsperson is someone who could help him with any concerns, problems or complaints he has. The Ombudsperson is an advocate for fairness and serves as an independent and unbiased mediator to help students resolve academic challenges. They also help students understand college policies, explore possible options and make referrals to appropriate resources. Additionally, the Ombudsperson assists students with appeals concerning access to courses and credit granted towards a degree.

Caesar decides to meet with the Ombudsperson. He discusses his concerns in a safe and confidential environment and receives guidance on how to resolve his issue. Caesar gets back on track and eventually completes his degree.

If you are a Santa Fe College student and are facing any challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Ombudsperson for help. The Santa Fe College Ombudsperson is Dr. Bea Awoniyi. You can visit her in Building R, Room 211 on SF’s Northwest Campus. You can also connect with her by email at or phone at 352-395-5513.

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