SF Achieve Program Celebrates Success and Expansion

SF Achieve Program Celebrates Success and Expansion

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June 7, 2024 – In Fall 2023, 745 students joined SF Achieve, contributing to the over 1,700 high school students currently in its pipeline. The figure is expected to grow.

Santa Fe College recently held SF Achieve signing events at local high schools. Students and their parents or guardians could enroll in the program. Enrollees signed commitment letters to Santa Fe College and officially became SF Achieve Scholars.

What is SF Achieve?

Designed to make college a reality for high school students, SF Achieve removes barriers via scholarships, mentorships and partnerships.

High school students can enroll in the program, which doesn’t require them to attend SF. However, by signing up, they become eligible for the SF Achieve scholarship. This scholarship is designed to assist lower-income families in covering the difference between financial aid and tuition costs. Full-time students can also receive a $400 book stipend each term.

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In addition to financial assistance, SF Achieve provides college coaching to Scholars and their parents or guardians. While mentors may not have all the answers, they assist students in finding the information they need. Achieve specialists are available onsite at public high schools in Alachua and Bradford counties.

Partnerships are essential to the program’s success. SF Achieve teams up with local schools, community organizations, governments and more to transform student outcomes. Everyone can support the program in their own way, by either raising awareness or donating.

Success Beyond Numbers

With an average GPA of 2.54 among its Scholars, SF Achieve is committed to supporting students across various academic levels. What sets SF Achieve apart is not only its dedication to encouraging academic growth but also its remarkable success rate, which stands at 75.7%.

Scholars have also demonstrated their determination. Seventy-six percent of program participants persisted into the 2024 Spring term.

Looking ahead, SF Achieve is poised to expand its impact even further in the 2024-2025 academic year, as it prepares to welcome three cohorts of students into its fold.

Santa Fe College Student Ambassador and SF Achieve Scholar Amelia Rufino standing outdoors next to a tree.

From High School to College: Amelia Rufino’s Journey

SF Achieve played a crucial role in easing Amelia Rufino’s transition to college. Her mentor, library supervisor Sarah Ingley, guided her through utilizing library resources and crafting recommendation letters. Additionally, as the program offers eligible students full-tuition scholarships to supplement financial aid, Rufino, a Musical Theatre major, can embrace the college experience with fewer financial concerns.

“I really enjoyed how helpful this program was in connecting me with Santa Fe College,” Rufino said. “I attended Buchholz High School and decided to join the Achieve program my senior year. I wish I would have joined even sooner to enjoy the full benefits of the program!”

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