SF Achieve: Amelia Rufino’s Inspiring Journey

SF Achieve: Amelia Rufino’s Inspiring Journey

Santa Fe College Student Ambassador and SF Achieve Scholar Amelia Rufino standing outdoors next to a tree.

May 14, 2024 – A college education opens many doors. Everyone’s journey to a degree is different. Amelia Rufino began hers by enrolling at Santa Fe College and its SF Achieve program.

“I really enjoyed how helpful this program was in connecting me with Santa Fe College,” Rufino said. “I attended Buchholz High School and decided to join the Achieve program my senior year. I wish I would have joined even sooner to enjoy the full benefits of the program!”

According to Quinten Eyman, Director of Recruitment and SF Achieve, the program “is focused on tearing down barriers. We know that there are lots of barriers, some real, some perceived, that stop so many students from dreaming big. We want those dreams to be big and bold, and a college education is a powerful launching pad to put students on the trajectory toward what they want most out of life.”

High school students can join anytime, and they don’t need a minimum GPA. Joining doesn’t mean they have to go to SF. But, if they do join, they can aim for the SF Achieve scholarship. This scholarship helps pay for up to 60 credit hours for a degree or 1,800 clock hours for a certificate. Additionally, SF Achieve Specialists will help students with career choices, financial aid and more.

SF Achieve helped Rufino feel more comfortable about going to college. Her mentor, Tyree Library supervisor Sarah Ingley, coached her on finding library resources and writing recommendation letters. Since the program also offers eligible students full-tuition scholarships that pick up where financial aid leaves off, the Musical Theatre major can enjoy the college experience with fewer worries.

“I love to serve my community,” Rufino said, “so I became involved in the Santa Fe Rotaract Club and will be assisting current and incoming students as a Santa Fe Student Ambassador. I have had an amazing experience with this program so far.”

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