Grand Opening of the Chemistry & Biology Tutoring Center

Santa Fe College will now add a Chemistry and Biology Tutoring Center to its other student tutoring facilities. The Chem/Bio Tutoring Center (CBTC) will be staffed by tutors who are currently students at the University of Florida. The goal of the CBTC is to provide SF students with academic support for the chemistry and biology courses required to successfully transfer to the University of Florida. The Tutoring Center has four computers, free-standing white boards, and flexible seating, all designed to facilitate interaction between students and tutors. In addition, some Chemistry and Biology professors will hold office hours at the center, further increasing the number of people available to help SF students. The CBTC will be open Monday – Friday at various times.

The Chemistry and Biology Tutoring Center is the result of a new collaboration between SF and UF in the form of the SF2UF Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program . The program is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH Grant # R25GM115298) with additional funding by Santa Fe College and the University of Florida.

When: Monday Feb. 1, at noon
Where: Room HA-108
Light refreshments will be served