Retirement Celebration for Tabrisha Baker

January 21, 2020 – After 30 years of service to Santa Fe College, Tabrisha Baker has announced her plans to retire.

Tabrisha began working in the News and Publications department, which has gone through many name changes over the years, but is now known as Communications & Creative Services (CCS). Tabrisha has been a part in branding and designing the look of the college for many years. Among her many designs, her talents brought us the college seal, the Santa Fe College logo, the Opening Doors logo and the cartoon version of Caesar that you see on the FAFSA and Check It Daily reminders. The staff at CCS will miss her incredible talent.

Please join us Friday, Jan. 31, 3 – 4:30 p.m. in the CCS office to recognize her dedication and celebrate her new beginnings.