SF Updated COVID Protocols

SF Updated COVID Protocols

March 4, 2022 – The college has updated its safety protocols concerning COVID-19, to take effect on Monday, March 14, after SF’s Spring Break.

The most notable change is the shift to a five-day quarantine for anyone testing positive, exhibiting symptoms, or when the individual is not fully vaccinated and exposed to someone who is positive for COVID-19. The college made this decision after consulting with local health officials. With new COVID cases dropping significantly across the college and throughout the region, it is prudent to shorten the quarantine period.

Another change to the college protocol will allow meetings and events to include buffets and plated meals that can be consumed during the event. Current college protocols allow boxed lunches and individually wrapped items.

The college will continue to encourage everyone to take steps to protect their health and safety, including staying home when sick, and other measures to enhance safety and mitigate the spread of infectious diseases.