CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Breanne Hooks – Exploring Ethnomathematics  

CTLE Faculty Spotlight: Breanne Hooks – Exploring Ethnomathematics  

Santa Fe College mathematics professor Breanne Hooks standing amid a woodsy environment

December 12, 2023 – Breanne Hooks is a professor in Santa Fe College’s Math Department. She earned her degree at the University of Florida in math education. She takes math beyond the traditional textbook and humanizes the subject by looking at cultures and incorporating it into the math in her classroom.  

Breanne uses cultural and historical aspects of math (ethnomathematics) to teach students the subject while adding perspective and relevance to the class. She uses ethnomathematics to teach students math in a fun way. For example, she can teach math by having students analyze dance, crochet and art. She also leads a study abroad in math to Ireland. Learn more in this podcast: Celebrate Ireland.  

Find out more about ethnomathematics and how you can use the principles in your class: CTLE Canvas Page.

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