Meet Your Campus Ally: The Ombudsperson

Meet Your Campus Ally: The Ombudsperson

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June 4, 2024 – Ombudspersons, or Ombuds, are your go-to, neutral and independent allies on campus. They operate outside the usual administrative and academic channels, providing an extra layer of support for students. You can trust them to handle all issues with complete confidentiality, respecting your privacy within legal limits. Acting as impartial mediators, they work hard to ensure everyone is treated fairly and justly.

Dr. Bea Awoniyi is Santa Fe College’s Ombudsperson.

“The Ombuds,” Dr. Bea said, “is important to ensure that students understand the rules and they have an advocate to express what may not be working for them.”

The Ombuds does more than just listen to complaints. They actively work to improve the student experience. For instance, during the COVID-19 public health emergency, they successfully lobbied the college to provide laptops to students in need. This laptop loan program continues to be a crucial part of Santa Fe College’s support system.

Recognizing the financial hardships students face, the Ombuds also recommended the creation of the Life Happens Emergency Aid Grant through Student Affairs. This grant provides struggling students with peace of mind, as it does not need to be repaid, making a significant impact on their academic and personal lives.

“It is our way of wrapping our arms around our students to make them feel they are okay,” Dr. Bea said.

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