We’re Here to Help: Santa Fe College

We’re Here to Help: Santa Fe College

A student walks past Building P on Santa Fe College's Northwest Campus amid trees and foliage.

December 27, 2023 – Santa Fe College’s We’re Here to Help campaign is more than a continuous series of student services. It’s a collaborative effort to add value to the lives of our students and enrich our community.

Here’s a list of helpful articles for students who need guidance:

  • The International Student Center: From support to opportunities, the International Student Center is one stop worth making.

  • The Financial Wellness Center: Santa Fe College partners with CAMPUS USA Credit Union to bring its students a Financial Wellness Center that promotes financial literacy.

  • Scholarships: SF encourages current and potential students to complete the Santa Fe College General Scholarship Application.

  • Tutoring: Students who attend tutoring can achieve greater success in their courses.

  • Saints Food Share: The program strives to reduce food insecurities and connect students to resources that could transform their lives.

  • The Lawrence W. Tyree Library: From academic support to entertaining diversions, the Tyree Library is a source of enrichment.

  • Emergency Aid Grant: The financial assistance program helps students overcome temporary financial crises so that they can continue their education.

  • Ombudsperson: The Ombudsperson is an advocate for fairness and serves as an independent and unbiased mediator to help students resolve academic challenges.

  • TimelyCare: In addition to on-demand support for common health issues, TimelyCare offers 24/7 mental and emotional support.

Santa Fe College has the services students need to succeed. We’re here to help!